Dear Readers

I've been feeling high-time that I owe you a little update on what's going on in
and around this here blog. In lieu of my 'about' page being slightly out of date also,
there's a few things that I've been dying to tell you about, yet as we seem to be in a
continuous cycle of being 'too busy' just haven't knuckled down and got to it.

I'm in fear of this sounding slightly like an end of the year round-up, but given the
amount I seemingly post these days, I might as well carry on! My sporadic, surface
skimming posts over the last few months are a result of some exciting things
happening offline - doesn't it seem ironic that I haven't managed to share half of it,
despite this blog originating as an opportunity to do just that...? Anyway, I consider
myself extremely lucky to have you sticking around and I hope you'll join me as my
adventure continues!

Around six month ago I switched jobs, departing the world of trend forecasting and
fashion editorials to take on a type of challenge that has seemingly become a bit of a
trend in the creative industries. As retailers across the globe turn to editors to
strengthen their digital channels, my personal journey takes me in to the realms of
interiors and home improvement. Interiors has always been a passion (I even have a
City &Guilds design qualification on the subject don't cha know), and combining
this with my editorial background and digital specialisms for an international retailer
has certainly been keeping me occupied!

The latter part of this year also saw a great university in the South approach me to
teach third year students in a Buying, Trend Forecasting and Analysis unit. Having
guest lectured many times before I jumped at the chance have been coaching my
lovely group of ladies through the slight science that is forecasting, while introducing
them to the industry as a whole with a little dose of employment realities and of
course a digital perspective.

Of course, commenting on and analysing the fashion industry is never far from my
world and I'm continuing to contribute to the ever lovely OliviaPalermo.com as well
other adhoc projects. This year for example, the book How to Create Your Final
by Mark Atkinson was finally published with a section on forecasting by
yours truly.

As a few of you may know, I also run my own consultancy practice, Hashtag Media
, and so far 2012 has been a pretty interesting year. In amongst supporting clients
with their digital media strategies and day to day runnings and seminars, we've
provided help and advice via our own social media and I owe much of that support
to the lovely Jessica - the newest member of the team and a very talented digital

In the self-employed part of my working life, I've also launched the Bridal Boot Sale
group with my awesome co-founder and co-organiser Karen, with the first edition
hosted in Hampshire in October. HBBS is taking place again in February and we
also have plans to grow in to more counties. The premise is really simple - newly
weds sell on their used wedding paraphernalia to brides-to-be. Recycling, sharing
vintage treasures and providing inspiration is the name of the game! Plus, we aim
to showcase complementary local businesses to the bridal market, who sit alongside
our lovely brides at each sale.

I'm also getting married myself, so planning our big day and next year's various globe
trotting adventures is well under-way...You may have noticed things taking a bridal
turn here on Style Files - if you're enjoying it - great - if not, don't worry, the usual
sprinkling of fashion, life and travels is here to stay!

Let me take this opportunity to say thank you so much to all my readers for all
your support and for staying tuned!
If you follow me elsewhere too, thanks again
and hey, if things get a little slow for you here, you can always find me and a few
more regular updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Plus, if you're interested
in travel photography I also have a Tumblr for just that and if you're particularly
after wedding and interior inspiration (as I am currently), you might just want to hop
over to Pinterest.

With Love
Sarah-Leigh x

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