Weekend Catch-Up & A Very Merry Christmas!


I'm a pretty festive kind of person - any excuse to lay on a spread, curate a drinks tray
and don a bit of sparkle! Its been a while since I shared some recent goings on and photos
and what better time than around Christmas?

So let me take this chance to say a very Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have
an extraordinary New Year! Thank you once again for staying tuned  - I appreciate it and
value each and every one of you!

2012 has been a great year, but for reasons that will become clear, I really can't wait for
2013! Just lately though I've been occupying myself with some of the following...

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  1. I'll be entertaining friends and family this Christmas with festive soirĂ©es and dinner
    parties a plenty, perfect for my [vast] collection of vintage tableware to come out
    and play!
  2. Catching up with my family and getting back to my home town for a break is the
    best thing about this time of year!
  3. Our Christmas tree took a decidedly vintage turn this year with lots of decorations
    inherited from my grandparents. I also headed to B&Q and John Lewis for my
    perfect finishing touches.
  4. Winter walks with The Betrothed and our pups are a must at the weekends, ideally
    exploring new places along the coast. Wedding plans are coming along!
  5. Its been freezing in the UK so far this winter, wrapping up in chunky knits is the
    only way to combat the cold. I've got a mixture of Topshop and H&M on here
    (and then defrosted next to a lovely pub's fireplace).
  6. We're lucky enough to have the New Forest on our doorstep; we spotted a fox
    hunt while on a engagement shoot with a lovely couple last weekend. Love me
    some country life!
  Hampshire, UK.

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